Body positive and diversity promoting picture of mixed color women wearing standard and plus size swimwear and lingerie for Chanteca Partners.



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Chanteca Partners is a globally established sourcing & manufacturing company that specializes in standard & plus size lingerie, activewear and swimwear.

About Chanteca Partners

About Chanteca Partners

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Based in NYC and Asia, we are your one-stop shop for creative & technical design, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing and distribution. 

With in-house design & manufacturing capabilities, we provide ODM and OEM services to domestic and international customers.


Our OEM services include pattern making and style design, material sourcing and procurement, sampling, fitting, bulk production and delivery.

With over 30 years of global sourcing and commerce experience and a professional workforce of over 200 employees, we will help you create and manage scalable roadmaps that reflect your vision. 


We do this while maintaining competitive product pricing and impeccable quality, at a fraction of your in-house resource cost. 

Diversity and body positive image showing women in all skin colors and sizes wearing activewear and yoga wear for Chanteca Partners.


From industry leaders to newcomer brands, we serve you with solutions tailored to your needs.